Friday, September 01, 2006

Why should USC play a game?

A new version of the USA Today pre-season coaches poll, "reconfigured" by our friend Jeff Sagarin to include "strength of schedule," has us rated No. 1. Now we know why this MIT nerd had us top-ranked in his pre-season rankings, as well.

Okay … Call me crazy … Say I’m not too smart … Tell me I’m looking a gift-horse in the mouth … but this simply makes no sense to me.

How can anyone, including a supposed “genius” MIT nerd, accurately determine the strength of any schedule before any school actually plays a single game?

I'm sure Sagarin devoted a lot of time and brain cells to creating the algorithm that placed us No. 1 – and I can only enjoy seeing us at the top of anything – but this proves how utterly ridiculous it is to leave the fate of the college football national championship to nerds and suits.

There is a reason why football games are played. Thank goodness the real season is upon us. Fight On!

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