Friday, September 08, 2006

More No. 1 fun for USC

As we’ve established before, it's more fun when USC is No. 1.

Although our football team’s run as No. 1 ended when Frostee Rucker decided repeatedly to take an inside rush toward Vince Young, rather than contain him (watch the tape and you’ll see what I mean), we’re popping up as the top choice all over the place ...

The Trojans remain No. 1 according to the computer geek Jeff Sagarin*, who’s algorithm accounts for one of six computer rankings used by the Bowl Championship Series, which could be more accurately known as white guys in suits who’ll do anything to preserve the status quo.

USC is also No. 1 according to the current All-Sports rankings, which calculate the combined national rankings of all fall sports in Division I, with a little more weight given to football, of course. Incidentally and interestingly, the domers and ugla are ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Just something to keep us occupied heading into a bye this weekend. Fight On!

* Sagarin doesn’t archive his lists each week, so this link may have changed depending on when you read this.

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