Saturday, September 09, 2006

USC Bye Day: We got Booty

Evidently, ugla has been forced to say goodbye to “Southpaw Jesus” … the nickname, not the over-hyped player.

According to bruins nation, the baby blue blog was asked by the family of ugla QB Ben Olson to refrain from using the nickname, an apparent reference to Olson’s two-year hiatus on a Mormon mission in Canada. ugla followers made “Southpaw Jesus” all the rage in comments on ugla blogs following the 33-year-old redshirt sophomore’s debut last Saturday. Here’s what ugla had to say yesterday:
So uh we had lot of spirited discussion over a nickname this week ... And after one big game - boom - it blows up all over online. For now though until we hear anything otherwise we are going to respect the wishes of the Olsons ... We have changed the "SPJ" section to simply "Ben Olson.

Again, it’s nice to be sitting here at the upper most echelon of college football, where USC fans don’t need an inappropriate nick name to get everybody fired up about our prospects. Besides, we've got a guy with a ready-made surname.

We Are SC!

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