Saturday, September 02, 2006

USC Football Game Day: Arkansas

With the 2006 season upon us, I woke this morning to check out all the newspaper coverage. Disappointingly, it’s basically more of the same stories we’ve seen for the last several weeks: John David Booty “finally” getting his shot, USC reloading to replace Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, Arkansas remembering the sting of last year’s 70-17 blowout by the Trojans, etc.

So, I turned on ESPN Radio to listen to the College GameDay “Tailgate” show, which is on before the start of the TV version of GameDay at 10:00 am EDT. Again, it was mostly the same stuff we’ve been reading and hearing. I guess there’s only so much that can be said until the games are actually played.

But then Beano Cook came on the show to talk about himself, as he usually does, in order to justify his biased and messed up predictions. He described how he knows so much about college football because he “lives for this stuff” and talks year around to journalists all over the country. For example, he said he talked to a writer in Milwaukee to learn about Wisconsin’s running backs. Wow, what a concept!

Then, the old fart unleashed a gem (i.e. another example of his Trojan hating status): He predicts notre dame (surprise!) versus Auburn in the national championship game. And, his sleeper pick? … Arkansas.

Right. And Ron Powlus was supposed to win two Heisman Trophies. What an idiot.

USC … Beat the Razorbacks!

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