Thursday, September 14, 2006

USC Pre-Game: Cornhusker Popping

Why is it always the no-name guy who can’t keep his trap shut? It’s annoying enough to read about the Huskers pining for a return to national prominence or the “Red Sea" supposedly engulfing the Coliseum … but now we’ve got some idiot popping off.

Says Husker cornerback Andre Jones (a JC transfer, no less):
When we beat [USC], we can show the world that we are a great team and we restored the order. … When we beat USC, its going to slingshot our season. … My friends have all been calling me, blowing up my phone, talking big noise and everything – saying how they're going to beat us, saying all these threats they have on their team. We've got the same amount of threats over here. … We're going to come up on top. … [When Jones was recruited last year] it came down between USC and Nebraska. When I went there [USC], I just didn't sense that love that I felt when I came here.
To his credit, Callahan is doing his best to say all the right things this week, while attempting to infuse his team, and perhaps more importantly Husker fans, with confidence. But, he is after all the same guy who was run out of Raider Nation while calling Oakland “the dumbest team in America.”

The Huskers could learn from the masters at work:
Nebraska has been a traditional hard–nosed football team … They are really balanced offensively this year with a great passing attack and their running game is still as forceful as ever.
USC linebacker Oscar Lua

It is always going to be exciting with any team we play, but definitely Nebraska because they are ranked, they had a couple of good wins, you know so it is definitely going to be a great game to play Saturday.
USC tight end Fred Davis

They have put together two great weeks of work and they are only going to feel good about themselves, they had been playing football and they have learned a lot about their players, a lot of guys play so they have benefited tremendously from those 2 games.
Pete Carroll
As for Jones, is there any doubt the Trojans will give him some “love” come Saturday? Just ask the Sooners’ Larry Birdine.

Please … disrespect USC. We want you to.
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