Monday, September 25, 2006

Bitter Bruins

One thing about the blogosphere – and all the information on the Web for that matter – is that we tend to read what we want to read. If blogging is supposed to be a social endeavor, we tend to hang with our own like we would at any gathering.

But after a somewhat lackluster win, which perhaps concerns us just a little because we didn't score 50 points, it’s always good to take a look at the other side of the fence. As we’ve said before, we must know thy enemy. But, more than anything, a quick peak at ugla shows us how much we have to appreciate Pete Carroll and his staff.

Simply put, I’m grateful that, at least as far as we know, USC Football is a long way from losing to the conference doormat. And even more to the point, we’re even farther from using words like “total implosion,” “disgraceful,” “dishonorable,” “disgusting,” “horrible,” “woeful,” and “shameful” to describe Trojan players and coaches.

To wit, let’s let bruins nation talk for itself:
The game in Seattle pretty much epitomized what so many of us here on the Bruins Nation have been arguing for a while - Karl Dorrell is really nothing short of a mediocre "leader." And I am using the term "leader" generously here considering I am still not sure exactly what he does on Saturdays. He doesn't call either the offensive or defensive plays. Doesn't really do much on the sidelines and never appears to be saying much into his head phone. Anyways, I still have yet to see any evidence on the football field, which shows Dorrell is actually the "leader" for this football program. Yet again he looked like a spineless and clueless head coach, the way he did when he got annihilated by Arizona and by Southern Cal last season.
And this from
We have to mention the now continuing disgraceful and dishonorable trend of UCLA coaches blaming individual players for losses, or as in the case of Rice, poor play. After the disappointing Rice game, KD called out BO several times on a radio interview for being responsible for UCLA not scoring in the red zone and being confused by the blitzes Rice coaches threw at him. OC Jim Svoboda called out BO as well. Later, KD admitted that he never practiced BO against the blitz - odd for the obvious reason that opposing coaches are expected to test a “rookie” QB by blitzing him.

Now add erstwhile respected DC DeWayne Walker to the list of UCLA coaches singling out individual players as scapegoats. He called out Rodney Van for the missed tackle late in the first half when Washington had 3rd and long deep in their territory as being the reason for the loss. That is just unacceptable.
Finally, back to bruins nation:
If the coaches don't watch it and get this team together this week we may be looking at a total implosion within the Bruin football program.

Coaches blaming the players in public for a loss is of course disgusting. It doesn't motivate players to work harder. If anything these kinds of blame game may only demoralize the players even more. And it looks some players may already be losing confidence in their coaches.

Folks this is not good. We have coaches openly blaming players for a loss. Senior leaders calling out coaches horrible and woeful play calling. This is not a healthy football program.
For me the best part is a much smaller thing. Notice how ugla faithful have done a 180 on the nickname “Southpaw Jesus” in reference to Ben Olson. The 36-year-old red-shirt sophomore QB is now simply referred to as “BO.” Man, that stinks!

I love the blogosphere.
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