Saturday, September 16, 2006

USC Football Game Day: Hail to the Victor

Waiting for the Nebraska-USC game to start, and as an observer of the east coast bias, I can't help but enjoy the way things are breaking today.

First, Miami gets pounded by a Michael Bush-less Louisville team. But, not only do they get pounded, they get blown out enough that ABC switched to the West Coast feed to show Oregon beating Oklahoma for the first time in seven tries.

Of course, before that we saw Michigan show the rest of the college football world that perhaps Charlie Crewcut isn't all that, and Brady (three-pick) Quinn ain't a bag of chips ... at least not today.

LSU-Auburn? Florida-Tennessee? Bowden Bowl? ... Who cares?

USC Football is on prime-time national television tonight.

Go Trojans! Beat the Cornhuskers!
east coast bias

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