Saturday, September 09, 2006

USC Bye Day: Weird and 'CREEPY'

Man, there is some really funky stuff going on in bruin nation. If you have a minute to waste, check out this video from an apparently enthusiastic ugla fan calling himself Hugh Johnson.

Once more, we let the baby blue speak for itself. (BTW, what’s with the Jesus reference again, and lowercase, no less?) To be honest, we couldn’t say this any better:
I know people are all excited about football season and all but jesus - this is embarrassing... Guess the dude was trying to be funny. But I don't get the humor. Wow. What a complete tool and kind of CREEPY. Jesus.
Still, I do like this from AOL Sports:
More Shame for Sons of Westwood
As if not having their own fight song, not receiving a single AP vote in the 2006 Preseason Poll and losing to their cross-town rival USC 66-19 last year were not enough, the UCLA Bruins now have to live with this video hanging over their heads.

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that this guy's website kinda sounds like an STD? Maybe they should try holding off on the condom jokes for awhile eh?
Really, this is more weird than it is funny. But then it gets weirder ... and funnier ...

As if the suspicion about the authenticity of Lonelygirl15 weren’t enough, the ugla nation began this week to accuse USC fans of creating the “tool” as a joke. As if. Nonetheless, whoever this “CREEPY” guy is, he took it upon himself to answer the controversy that is, according to his video post, literally swirling around him.

Thank goodness we are what we are. So fortunate and grateful to be Trojans.

Once again ... We Are SC!

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