Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Correction: No. 3 equals No. 2 ... and No. 4

You think we would have seen this coming. Following an idle Saturday, USC moved up and down in each of the two polls that “matter” prior to the BCS rankings: the Associate Press and the USA Today Coaches. Now, if you’ve been paying attention here, you don’t need to ask which ranking* has USC at No. 4.

In the latest example of the east coast media bias, the 65 AP voters penalized USC for taking Saturday off, while the domers – darlings of the Grey (east coast bias) Lady – moved to No. 2 following a win against a not-quite-ready Penn State in South Bend.

The coaches did the right thing and moved us up to No. 2.

Again, none of this really matters if USC takes care of business through the season. But, then again, we thought No. 3 equals No. 2 before this week. As we’ve been lamenting, and as Chris Dufresne pointed out in the Times yesterday, the building/sinking perception/reality that the Pac-10 is weak may become a factor for the Trojans.

Either way, we’ll see it coming next time.

*Click “Week 3” if you’re reading this after Week 4 rankings are posted.

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