Saturday, September 02, 2006

USC Football Game Day: (South) East Coast Bias

Waiting around for the USC-Arkansas game - which of course starts late at 8:45 pm EDT - I came across a blog post titled "East Coast Bias" from an SEC fan. Of course, he doesn't get it.
The media is often accused by you West Coast natives of being biased towards East Coast Schools. (insert whining California USC fan voice) "SI only writes about East Coast schools" "The West Coast can't ever get its due" "Why I am I always picked last for the dodgeball game". The media is not biased against the West Coast. They just don't have a choice on who they write about. They must write about schools that actually have a chance at making a showing in the top 20. They need people to read their magazine and watch their show. Name me 3 West Coast schools who have a legitimate shot at a title this year. You can't. I can name 4 just in the SEC, not to mention the Big 12, ACC or Big East conferences. So as soon as the Pac 10 starts actually making a showing as a conference, and actually play a conference game, then you are going to hear about West Coast schools. Let's face it who really wants to read about Arizona beating Stanford.
I can agree with this last sentence. I don't care much about Arizona vs. Stanford, since USC is a national program. The rest is bunk. Then he goes overboard:
On another side note, if you want to talk about biased how about the AP's psuedo title given to USC in 2003 so they wouldn't get their feelings hurt. Who actually took home the BCS crystal trophy? Hint: it wasn't USC.
Of course, I respect any fan who loves his team and his conference, but this guy needs some schooling. The following is what I wrote as a comment on his post:

Note: My use of "Southern Cal" is to avoid the cheap Carolina retort most southerners like to use. And besides, I'm not Tim Tessalone.

Wow! How soon people forget about what actually happens on the field of play and other facts of the matter. Here are a few reminders for you:

2002: Southern Cal 24, Auburn 17
2003: Southern Cal 23, Auburn 0
2005: Southern Cal 70, Arkansas 17.

Not to mention Southern Cal's dismantling of Oklahoma (Big 12) in the 2005 Orange Bowl: 55-19. The funniest thing that night was Tuberville trying to make the case before the game that the Tigers could beat USC … then after the game changing his tune to say he just wished Auburn had a chance to play us.

Even funnier? How about Tubberville claiming that Auburn had the greatest back field in the history of college football … when in fact he didn’t even have the best backfield in the history of the season! Please tell me I don’t have to remind you who won the Heisman in ’04 and ’05.

As for the 2003 season, you should remember that Southern Cal was No. 1 in both the coaches poll and the AP heading into the bowl games, but the coaches were contractually obligated to “vote” LSU No. 1 after the Sugar Bowl. So we split. It was only the BCS suits and the “stupid” computers - as your brethren who also commented on this post called them - that got LSU its trophy.

And get this … Southern Cal offered to play LSU in the BCA Classic to start the next season (2004), but alas, the Tigers declined. Make no mistake, the USC Trojans will play anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You SEC dudes think it’s easy to beat Southern Cal? History says otherwise. Southern Cal is 16-10-1 vs. the SEC.

Plus, USC is 10-6 vs. the ACC, 9-4 vs. the Big East, 27-9-2 vs. the Big 12, and for good measure, 63-37-2 vs. the Big 10.

Ain’t nobody whining from Southern Cal. In fact, we’re laughing at the stuff ya’ll are sayin’. Check the scoreboard, son!

Fight On!

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Caddiechaplain said...

I've been a SC fan since my high school buddy Ron Ayala was the their field goal kicker (67'-71') and have been ever since. To be honest, I am SC for football and UCLA, for basketball.
I know there is this bias for the east coast, but I could care less. The only time I ever rooted for an east coast time(actually, GA) was when Herschal Walker played for UGA (my wife is from Augusta, so there was some pressure).
I say, let the chips fall where they may. "GO TROJANS!!!!!!