Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Freak, Geek or Sicko

There is the other side of the fence, which we’ve seen can be weird and creepy … and then there’s a completely different dimension.

Found this “farewell” post, by way of DeadSpin, from a blogger called LSUoverUSC. At first I thought this guy was pretty funny … then I became nauseous.

As a USC Trojan, it’s funny and amusing to see that a crazy LSU fan refuses to split the 2003 MNC and that he remains so obsessed with the issue nearly three years later. But then, the more you read the less funny it becomes.

The thought that Fraser Babineaux is a hoax makes sense. But, why would anyone go through all this trouble? Is this guy a freak, a geek or just some kind of sicko?
Hello. My name is LSUoverUSC on the internet. I have for three years thrown away my life to promote the cause of LSU being the legitimate 2003 national champion. After years of posting and campaigning I have reached the end of my line. And this will be my last post ever.

In real life I go by the name of Fraser Babineaux. Some people have asked me how I have so much time to devote to the LSUoverUSC cause. Well truth be told, I am unemployed, ever since Hurricane Katrina closed the catering service I once ran. But even before that, my work was severely hampered by my obsession, which has been professinally diagnosed as obsessive compulsive disorder. Feeding this disorder has caused me to spiral into a deep depression. My therapist says that the only way I can recover is through putting an end to writing messages on forums and on this blog. In fact, I will be shutting down this site in the very near future.

May the lessons of a life wasted be learned by all of you who read this. The world is a big and marvelous place. Get out there and enjoy it. Don't let life pass you by.
What’s most disturbing are the profane and senseless comments on this LSUoverUSC post. And perhaps just as troubling are the suckers with the supportive words of encouragement, perhaps hoping to build some positive karma for themselves. Either way, it’s all kind of sick.

The sad thing – or maybe it’s a good thing – is how the blogosphere has forced us to be skeptical about virtually any information we read online. For example, when I first saw the Terrell Owens news this morning, my first thought was that someone must have hacked espn.com for April Fool’s in September. But I digress …

Where’s Hugh Johnson when you need him?
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Anonymous said...

RIP Fraser Babineaux. May God be gracious unto you and merciful to you. We will remember you.

Displaced Trojan said...

Now I'm even more confused ...

Anonymous said...

Really??? are you called this dude a nerd go look in a mirror and I have seen now you are the greek,freak, or sicko because all you are trying to do is make this guy look crazy you should be the one talking to a therapist