Monday, November 06, 2006

Irony of Anonymity

I was wondering last week if it is possible to find irony in a statement of irony that is itself ironic. And if so, is there a word to describe it?

I thought that maybe “double irony” would work, but ironically, simply multiplying “irony” by two doesn’t get to the irony I was seeking.

Hmmm. Very confusing. Here’s the issue …

A person who goes by the name “anonymous” – who seems to have a problem with my take on the Domer Hype Machine – has left a few comments on Displaced posts recently.

Of course, like anyone who writes a blog, I love receiving comments. It doesn’t matter if a comment is complimentary or completely derogatory (as long as it’s publicly appropriate.) It’s all good. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that people who leave comments here are actually paying attention.

This “anonymous” person is a case in point. As you know, Displaced takes are written for fans of USC Football. Fans who don’t have a particular affinity for the Trojans are certainly welcome, but common sense tells us that they may not appreciate everything posted here. In other words, if you don’t like my stuff … tough cookies.

I tried to explain this to “anonymous” but my words appear to have fallen on deaf ears (or a Domer Mind). First, this “anonymous” person tells me to “Cut the venom.” Then after I merely pointed out the latest stupid stuff coming out of Charlie Crewcut’s mouth last week, I get this:
I understand you hate the Irish, but accusations of Notre Dame being "holier-than-thou" look a little ridiculous considering what is written on this site.

Charlie and Pete have different personalities. Get over it.
When I first read this I laughed because I know for a fact that there is no way I am holier than almost anybody, let alone someone named “anonymous.” Of course, I responded in kind:

I wish you'd give yourself a name ...

Anyway, I thought it was clear that I have much respect for the "Irish" and that we're just having fun here pointing out stupid stuff.

If anyone wants to point out stupid stuff about USC I wouldn't hold it against them. More than likely, if it smacks of some ironic truth, I will laugh along with them.

Of course Pete and Charlie are different. That's the point, but there's nothing to get over. Again, we're just having fun here.

Lastly, are you saying that my posts smack of a "holier-than-thou" attitude? Hmmm. Have you ever heard of a Trojan fan that says ... no, thinks ... that USC is "God's team"?

Dude, relax. I certainly don't think I'm holier than thou. LOL.
I put that “LOL” in there because I actually did laugh out loud. Then I asked myself a question:

Why does this “anonymous” person feel compelled to demand that I “cut the venom” and “get over it” and “go to church” … let alone “beg God for mercy!” ... ?

I couldn’t help but laugh again as I realized that I could answer my question with another question:

Isn’t it funny how this “anonymous” person accuses me of being “holier-than-thou” in the midst of a statement that exemplifies someone who believes they are holier than me?

Sure it’s funny. But more than anything it's ironic.

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