Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Open Letter ... With 22 Links

Dear UCLA Jay,

Thank you for your comments on my "masterpiece." It's good to know your "nation" is alive and well. As you know, we had our doubts. Of course, I use the word "well" knowing it's a relative term, because we understand that the truth hurts ... and we know it drives you nuts.

While I appreciate your point of view, it was presented in disappointing fashion, frankly. I'm not talking about your poor grammar, misspellings, words in all caps, or even your offensive language. That's nothing new coming from your "nation."

I'm talking about your inability to accurately interpret and fully understand my post, and the way in which you inadvertantly illustrate my point for me: This isn't a real "rivalry" anymore.

I suppose showing mercy is appropriate here, but before I do, let's recap to let the Trojan Family in on the joke ...

Section: Diaries
Posted on Tue Nov 28, 2006 at 11:13:08 PM EST

I HATE them, I HATE them all, every single one of them. Especially all those "lifelong" fans they have now. You know, the ones that talk shit about UCLA because SC has won 7 in a row(even though they have only seen the last 3) that walk around town in their #8 "Free Rent", I mean Dwayne Jarrett jerseys that have never been to an SC game and are still trying to figure out why all the other SC "fans" keep giving the "peace sign" when the white donkey runs up and down the field at the Colliseum.

Here is a perfect example of the SCum, yes I'm starting to call people out, from The Displaced Trojan blog, by a poster by the name of "Boi From Troy"(I wouldn't use a name but one of the links breaks off to a post that our "Bruin Blue" posted over here, so all is fair). The copy and paste trick doesn't do this masterpiece justice. He has 21 links in his little writing, which link to everything from Dump, to a link about OJ Mayo, to the score of last years game, to even a couple of our posts here at BN. Go to (LINK REDACTED - N) to see this thing in it's full glory. Caution: you will need a barf bag.

So, N is for Nestor, who "redacted" your link to The Displaced Trojan, because he says I'm trolling for traffic. But, just like he wouldn't engage in a little back and forth with us at Conquest Chronicles, we know Nestor doesn't want anyone from your "nation" exposed to the truth. Again, we know the truth drives you nuts. But, I digress ...

These idiots have their heads so far up the "Humanitarian" ass it's disgusting. All these SC "lifers" are loving the 7 straight, it's unfortunate that they never knew SUCk even played football before Carson Palmer won a heisman. And I love the line about OJ Mayo "stealing the spotlight in LA" I know that drugs run freely around the University of South Central, but can they at least make a post while they aren't under the influence of some illegal substance? And wasn't it nice of him to show that SC is envious of UCLA approaching 100 National Championships? I dont expect anything less actually, times are rough over in South Central between the middle of January and the end of August. But lucky for them they can still have their wet dreams about Pete Carroll during the off-season.

And how's this for a "swear word with an asterik".


I should probably put an asterisk (notice the correct spelling) in your f-word here, but like my links to your site, it makes my point for me. Thanks to your "nation" and the World Wide Web, there is no need to "call people out" for being classless, vulgar and lacking enough knowledge to state a coherent argument. It's right here on record, for everyone to see. But, again, I digress ...

Seriously. Your "nation" should know me better, especially Nestor. You should know that Displaced posts and comments give all respect where respect is due. You should know that I am critical of USC basketball, but I readily admit to being a fair-weather fan.

And you should know that I have, in fact, followed USC Football my entire life, which even you can guess started more than three years ago. Sure, there are quite a few Trojan fans who don't know much about what happened before Carson Palmer won his Heisman in 2002. So what? That's what happens when you re-establish a college football dynasty.

Were you complaining when baby blue No. 18 jerseys were popping up everywhere in the late 90s? Where were you back then, Jay?

I would think you'd have the wherewithal to point out that USC still needs one more win to equal the snowman Terry Donahue hung around Paul Hackett's sorry neck. I'm surprised you didn't take the chance to tap into that history as a way to dull USC's euphoria in this Pete Carroll era. What kind of a fan are you, Jay?

Here's the mercy part (or is it pity?): To be perfectly honest, a win Saturday will be a catharsis of sorts to true Trojan fans (read: non-bandwagoneers) who suffered through eight straight losses to your team from '91-`98. We know exactly what your pain feels like, and deep down, I'll take Troy Aikman vs. Rodney Peete in '88 over Karl Dorrell vs. Pete Carroll in '05 any day of the week. Your "nation" has stated (many times over) that Dorrell is a disgrace, and he has made this once great rivalry a joke. I can't agree more.

That said, USC's own eighth straight win in this "rivalry" will soothe the memories of `98, along with the giddiness that comes with knowing that this USC streak has no end in sight. The Trojans will not look past this game, because our coach is too smart to allow it. But, I digress ...

I know some members of your "nation" are afraid of the 22 links in this post. I know this new fangled thing called the internets can be scary to them, but please encourage them to try it. Tell them to click a link. It's how normal bloggers support points and expand arguments. Besides, they may learn something ... perhaps something more than the emotional, non-factual nonsense you throw around amongst yourselves.

Come on out and play. Ask ND, it's just fun and games out here.

Oh, that's right. You'd rather hide during this "rivalry" week, because you know ...



The Displaced Trojan

Note: A slightly different version of this post is also up at Conquest Chronicles ... you know, so I can troll for hits. LOL.

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SoCal Oski said...

Gee, those baby bruins certainly due display the anger and hatred resulting from a serious inferiority complex.

As an Old Blue who has to deal with Fuclans (pretty much the only negative aside from traffic to living in West LA), I get it a lot as well. Apparently, graduates from our little sibling institution get both a diploma and a very large shoulder mounted wooden chip.

But at least your "rivals" show passion (even if it's blind rage and irrational aggression). This year's Big Game is being met with a collective yawn from the Trees, and only slightly more enthusiasm from the University of California side.

Ah well. Best of luck to the Trojans in their quest for #8. I'll be watching after the Bears go for #5 and retention of the Axe.

Go Bears!