Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oregon Fans: Vulgar and Classless

Other schools in the Pac-10 really hate USC Football. As Trojans, we understand this and we embrace it, because we know that our success is what leads to hate. When a football program is at the top its game, as USC has been over the last few years, the hate will be magnified. It’s a good thing.

However, there are fans of Pac-10 schools whose level of hate (and stupidity) is perpetually at its maximum. We’ve mentioned Cal’s idiot fans before (we’ll get to them again next week.) Arizona State used to have a punk attitude toward USC – the result of an inferiority complex developed when the Sun Devils joined the Pac-10 in 1978 – until we put a recent beat-down win streak on them.

Of course, ugla is a separate issue, but it seems to me that Oregon has that “perfect” combination of factors that makes their hate unique. The Ducks football team has enjoyed some success at the national level recently, they’ve got the best owner in college sports, they train in state-of-the-art facilities, they wear the worst uniforms of all time … but they will always play second fiddle to USC.

We know it. They know it. And this leads to hate.

I know this because I’ve experienced this hate in person. Back in 1999, I was at the USC game in Eugene, Ore., when we lost in triple overtime after Carson Palmer broke his collarbone just before halftime.

After the game, instead of exchanging pleasantries – like most fans with class and an appreciation for an exciting game – nearly every Oregon fan we came across heading out of the stadium (and there were a lot of them) had something ugly to say … “Go home you f**kin’ losers!” … “I bet it feels like s**t to be wearing that USC jacket about now, huh?” … “USC can s**k my d**k!” (Note to our “anonymous” Domer friend: How’s that for “venom”?)

I’ll spare you the various versions of “USC sucks!” and the sophomoric condom lines, but needless to say there wasn’t a lot of class and sportsmanship in Eugene that night. I’m sure there are a few Duck fans who may justifiably take exception to this, but in my experience, Oregon has the most vulgar, low-rent fans in the Pac-10 … and that’s saying something with Cal in the conference.

As for football programs with tradition, heritage and class (not to mention multiple national championships and Heisman Trophies) we know there's only one of those in the Pac-10. Even Beano Cook, can't argue with that. Right, Beano? ...



SoCal Oski said...

Ranking schools' fans on a scale of idiots to pure a**holes is a mugs game. I've been to many away games (always wearing my gear) and have had to deal with:
1. Threats of violence (Zona, Fucla)
2. Drunken insults (Stanfurd, ASU, Fucla, SC)
3. Being pelted with beer/food/etc (SC, Stanfurd, Fucla, UofA)

Of course, in each of those places I have also had great experiences with opposing fans. It's the nature of the beast.

My point? Not sure other than to say the whole "your fans are worse than our fans" thing is kind of a non-issue.

Oh, unless you're talking about 'Furd fans. Those guys really suck.

Good luck against the Ducks, and I look forward to a good game on the 18th.

Go Bears.

SoCal Oski said...


I take serious insult about the comment you made about Oregon having the worst uniforms in college football.

The yellow practice jerseys being worn by Cal are way worse than anything Oregon has.

Displaced Trojan said...

socal oski,

Like this post says, I'm sure there are Duck fans with class. I just didn't encounter any on my trip to Eugene.

"Furd" fans are simply fair-weather idiots. And probably the least educated football fans in the Pac-10.

Agree on Cal's yellow jerseys. They deserve better than to be dressed in those. But at least they don't have diamond plate print on them.