Sunday, November 26, 2006

USC-ND Post-Game: It’s In The Numbers

USC 44, ND 24. Let’s put up two fingers for victory. But perhaps we should put up five, as in five straight wins versus ND … and counting.

There are other numbers to count, as well:

33 – Consecutive home wins by USC
20 – Career wins by Pete Carroll in November, against zero losses
4 – Wins against BCS top-25 teams this season (Arkansas, Nebraska, Cal, and ND)
6 – Weeks that Charlie Weis had to prepare for USC
0 – Significant wins for ND in the Weis era

These last two numbers are telling, because not only was USC faster and stronger than Notre Dame last night, the Trojans were apparently smarter than the Domers. Our four straight stops when the “genius” Weis went for it on fourth down tell us so.

Another telling number: the Trojans have one senior starter on defense in Dallas Sartz, two if you count Oscar Lua. The “Irish” have 18 senior starters on both sides of the ball. As some “experts” have already pointed out, this was the year for ND to steal a win from USC. And with four of the nation’s top recruits (all rated No. 1 at their position) witnessing last night’s beat down first hand, who knows when ND will catch us.

Clearly, the numbers, let alone our own eyes, tell us the Trojans are the better team than ND.

Heck, Lou Holtz said it himself on ESPN last night: “There are some games when you say, we just got beat. ... Southern Cal was a better football team. ... Congratulations to Southern Cal.” Go ahead, Lou … call us “Southern Cal.” We want you to. But, I digress …

More importantly, USC showed the nation that it is by far the better football program, probably for years to come. That’s one hell of a feeling, isn’t it?

Before we forget, here are a few more "feel good" numbers:

2 – USC’s position in the new BCS rankings that come out later today
3 – Straight appearances in the BCS championship game
1 – Game left to complete our regular season and guarantee all of the above

ugla. We all know the key number here: Seven (7) straight wins and counting …

Make no mistake about it: WE ARE SC!

Fight On! Beat the bruins!


SoCal Oski said...

This game made me feel better about the Bears.

Congratulations on beating the Domers and the Fat Guy. Now go out and hang a good old fashioned a$$ kicking on the baby bruins.

Go Bears.

Brendan said...

It's 7 straight over UCLA, not 6. I should know -- the first of the 7 (soon to be 8, knock on wood) was my freshman year at USC. We won all 4 while I was in college, the one during my year off between college and law school (so that makes 5), and then the two during my first two years of law school (7).

Displaced Trojan said...


Thanks for the correction! It's been so many, I lost count ... ;-)

Here's to eight.

Displaced Trojan said...

socal oski,

You have my full support in the big game. Beat the indians ... I mean, cardinals ... I mean, cardinal!


Anonymous said...

UCLA fans take heart: Your team has a better chance of beating USC than Stanford does of beating Cal, whatever that's worth.

DMW said...

You forgot about

7 weeks until USC is fed to Ohio State.

Displaced Trojan said...

Dear Paul ND90,

I received your comment intended for posting here, but please understand that I am not inclined to publish it, for no other reason than you wrote 1,425 words ... 1,425! That’s a lot. Too much for a mere comment on an after-game Displaced post.

However, you are obviously a knowledgeable football fan, and I certainly appreciate your point of view. I would love to incorporate your opinion(s) here, but I must request (with all sincerity) that you to submit something more concise.

But before you do, I’ll help by letting you know a little bit more about this Displaced Trojan:

I am not WASP.
I am not anti-religion.
I believe that Notre Dame’s factual history (and certainly its importance to college football) is undeniable.
I believe in God.

Does it irk me that Notre Dame fans (including a few ND alums I call my friends) tell me that the “Irish” are God’s Team? Sure. Wouldn’t it irritate you if I told you that USC is God’s Team, if your personal beliefs told you otherwise?

Does it make me angry, and do I find it hypocritical, when I see “Irish” fans that are probably not alumni using vulgar language and personal insults (and thus disrespecting the USC-ND game), in the midst of saying that ND is God’s Team? Absolutely. I would hope that you feel the same.

Also, we know college football started long before 2001. How else would we explain our first four Heisman Trophies? We know football was supposedly born at Jersey State. And, yes, we know that we suffered through an un-Godly (there, I said it) 13-year winless streak versus Notre Dame. Truth is, if you’re like me, your love of college football (ND for you and SC for me) started long before you became a student and alumnus ... long before I saw Tim Brown carry ND on his back to put Tim McDonald face down on the Coliseum field in ’86 or Tony Rice run past Mark Carrier for a killing TD in ’88. I’ve been there, done that. Now it’s your turn, apparently.

I’ve said it before and I will state it clearly here again: I have much respect for Notre Dame football. In fact, any true Trojan has respect for ND and our great and unique inter-sectional rivalry. We know that the magnitude and history of ND-USC games are partly responsible for allowing USC to earn the attention and respect of east coast media.

Having said all this, I’d like to suggest that we figure out a way to incorporate your views into a Displaced post. Your take on Weis is excellent. Email me at displacedtrojan at gmail dot com, if you are interested.

Fight On!