Friday, October 27, 2006

USC Football Pre-Game: Customer Service

As you know, we aim to please here. That is, we aim to please USC Football fans here. But if others like to read Displaced posts that’s fine, too. Even ugla and Domer fans are welcome. It’s all good.

If anyone wants to leave a comment about anything written here, that’s all good, too. There have been a few of those recently, some that are complimentary, some not so much. Supposedly, research has shown that for every comment received, there are at least 25 other people who feel the same way.

I’m not sure this principle actually applies here, since we already know there are thousands of Trojan fans who would agree with most, if not all Displaced posts – whether they actually read them or not. And conversely, we know there are thousands of ugla and Domer fans who would disagree with much of what’s written here. However, this idea might make sense when taking into account the ability (read: knowledge and intelligence) of those ugla and Domer fans who take the time to leave comments on this blog.

For instance, it might be tough to find 25 Domers who are capable of engaging in knowledgeable debate about USC vs. ND issues, without inadvertently exemplifying the various elements of the Domer Mind we like to expose.

A case in point is this comment left by “Anonymous” on a Displaced post from Wednesday about statements Charlie Weis made at his weekly press conference:
You obviously dislike the Irish, almost as much as Gallo. Can't quite understand the venom...other than the fact that ND stands for everything that USC does not - such as football players that actually graduate. Bottom line is you're simply jealous that USC cannot match ND in any category and therefore have no other resort than to cut them down. Go to church and beg God for mercy!
Now, I’m a relatively inexperienced blogger, so please excuse me if posting a reader’s comment from another post isn't kosher. Either way, here’s my response:


To the contrary, I have much respect for the “Irish.” Real USC Football fans feel the same way. We have respect for the greatest intersectional rivalry in college sports. We also have respect for the fact that USC victories over the Irish help add to our national stature, not to mention our Heisman Trophy collection. (Heisman Trophies, by the way, are one of several categories in which we do, in fact, match: USC 7, ND 7. Please get your facts straight.)

However, as a Trojan alum and fan, I enjoy pointing out examples that illustrate the dichotomy between the myth that Domers attempt to perpetuate and reality. It’s all just for fun and a way to exercise our brains while enjoying USC Football. It’s really not life or death. No reason to pull your God into it. I would hope He has other, more important things to worry about.

Still, if you don’t like what I post here, and you really want to make an impression on me, then come with a point of view supported by facts that refute what I write. At the very least, give us something more entertaining, if not intelligent, than the weak effort you’ve provided this time. Most of all, write something that doesn’t prove me right!

I know you don’t quite understand this, Anonymous. But it’s okay if you don’t get it. Trojan fans who read this blog understand, and that’s all that matters.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Tearing into Weis over that comment is no different that someone tearing into Matt Leinart for saying that he thought USC was still the better team after losing to Texas. It's ridiculous. Cut the venom.

Displaced Trojan said...


I never said that Matt Leinart's statements immediately after the Rose Bowl didn't deserve criticism.

Actually, it's almost fact that what he said sounded like sour grapes from a sore loser. But, he had just lost a heart-wrenching game, which he hadn't experienced but one other time as a starter. Still, no excuses.

After the game, he and Reggie Bush went to the Texas locker room to congratulate the Longhorns and Vince Young. When I saw this, I thought that perhaps the two learned this move from Weis, who made a point of coming to the USC locker room to offer congratulations after last year's epic game in South Bend.

See, we give credit where credit is due here. No need to get upset.

But, the bottom line is that Weis is the head coach of a premier college football program who should know better than to let loose with commentary that could be used and abused.

Then again, perhaps he has alterior motives ... ?