Sunday, October 15, 2006

USC Football Post-Game: Idiots Galore

Man, that Tommy Tuberville really wants to prove his point. First, as the No. 2 team in the country last week, he has his War Damn Eagle lose to Arkansas at home. Then yesterday he knocks off SEC counterpart Florida, which replaced Auburn at No. 2. All this just to prove himself right, after predicting that no SEC team will earn a spot in the BCS championship game. Incredible!

No doubt about it. You have to be a very good coach to pull this off. Of course, you also have to be an idiot.

Now, what does all this say about Urban Meyer? The view here is that he is not an idiot, yet. Meyer (left) is just a good coach in his second season installing an offensive system using some other idiot’s players. He’ll be a full-fledged idiot if/when at some point next season, people in the SEC figure out that Tim Tebow can’t throw a football.

As for an entire team that proved itself to be idiots this season, look no further than the once proud and mighty Miami Hurricanes, who looked like that other SC last night. It’s one thing for emotions to run high in a rivalry game against Florida or Florida State, but to let emotions and actions get completely out of control in a blowout over a Florida International team led by Don Strock is simply embarrassing, sickening and absolutely disrespectful to the game we all love. Add swinging helmets and stomping on the backs of players’ legs, and it becomes literally criminal.

Funny how all this crap happens in the south, where football is supposed to mean so much. But, I digress …

Another idiot on Saturday was Arizona State’s head coach Dirk Koetter. Sure, he led the Sun Devils to a nice comeback after falling behind 21-0 to USC at the Coliseum last night. But when it came time to actually attempt to win or tie the game, Koetter showed his lack of brain cells.

After USC’s old school, smash-mouth 74-yard drive to take the 28-21 lead, Koetter’s crew had a little less than four and a half minutes left to answer. But it didn’t look like they even understood the question.

After penalizing themselves into a third and 24 from their own 21, the Sun Devils completed a two-yard pass. Then, with about 1:30 left in the game … they punted.

Koetter explains: "I felt we were better off to try to advance the ball 50 yards and try to come up with a turnover. The odds of converting on fourth and 30 are tough."

Perhaps he’s right. Comparing slim and none leaves no chance. But maybe those odds on fourth and long would’ve been better if the third down play gained more than two yards. And, just maybe ASU wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place if the quarterback who Koetter chose … I mean, the QB he didn’t choose was more psychologically stable.

As for Carroll’s take on the win over ASU, we already called it earlier in the week. It’s like that line from Albert Brooks in the movie Broadcast News: “I say it here, it comes out there."

Said Carroll after the game: “Just win, baby. ”
I think we just need to keep getting better. … This is a different year, and this is a different team. I think we're fortunate to be 6-0. It's really hard to win. How many teams have won all their games? We're really, really young. I'm thrilled we're 6-0 and we feel okay about ourselves.
While Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times may overreact in an attempt to make us flinch, we should feel okay about USC Football, too. Halfway through this season, heading into a bye, we’re 6-0 and have a legitimate shot at another national championship.

Remember, our man Carroll is in this for the long haul, and we’re there with him.

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Buckeye-BornIrishGator said...

"He’ll be a full-fledged idiot if/when at some point next season, people in the SEC figure out that Tim Tebow can’t throw a football."

I realize you said this over a year ago but I have just happened across your site for the first time. Seeing as how Tebow has a QB Rating of 177.85 (second in the country) and has now thrown for 29 touchdowns this season (10 more than the oft-injured John David Booty, the preseasons most overrated Heisman candidate) how would you like to eat your words? Fried, grilled, or out of someones asshole? Your probably used to the third one seeing as how you lived in L.A.