Monday, October 30, 2006

Fat “Irish” Guy Smiling

I like the AP, if for no other reason than its Domer beat writer does a good job of capturing the stupid stuff that comes out of Charlie Weis’s mouth.

The latest spewage to expose his Domer Mind was recorded Sunday. The AP reported that Weis was smiling – supposedly the way “Irish” eyes smile – after his team’s “best game of the season” versus Navy … versus Navy.

The best part is Weis admitting that he enjoyed USC’s loss to Oregon State, even though it lessens ND’s slim chance to get to the national championship game.

Of course, real Trojan fans know this is stupid, and not just within the context of BCS rankings. We want the "Irish" to be undefeated when we beat them, because it would give our victory greater value and hurt the Domers that much more. But, I digress ...

According to the AP:
"Just watching the scoreboards, you'd like for them to win. But just like they're not rooting for Notre Dame to win, it's tough for me to sit there and say I'm rooting for them to win," Weis said Sunday.

Weis said his 13-year-old son, Charlie Jr., said of USC's loss: "Dad, that's not all bad."

"It might be prophetic," Weis said, laughing.
It's true that we don't actually root for ND. We hate them. But, why is it that no one heard Pete Carroll making similar comments after the Domers lost to Michigan by 26 at home? (Non-Domer fans know this is a rhetorical question.)

Don’t get me wrong. I like it when the fat guy says these things. It makes for billboard material inside Heritage Hall and helps us maintain a healthy level of hate for the Domer Hype Machine. But most of all, Weis’s big mouth stokes our sarcasm and gives us reason to blog.

Of course, some people don’t like what we write, but really, we’re not the ones letting loose with the stupid stuff.

So, keep it coming, Charlie. Let it all out. Test your son’s power of prophecy. We want you to.
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Anonymous said...

I understand you hate the Irish, but accusations of Notre Dame being "holier-than-thou" look a little ridiculous considering what is written on this site.

Charlie and Pete have different personalities. Get over it.

Displaced Trojan said...


I wish you'd give yourself a name ...

Anyway, I thought it was clear that I have much respect for the "Irish" and that we're just having fun here pointing out stupid stuff.

If anyone wants to point out stupid stuff about USC I wouldn't hold it against them. More than likely, if it smacks of some ironic truth, I will laugh along with them.

Of course Pete and Charlie are different. That's the point, but there's nothing to get over. Again, we're just having fun here.

Lastly, are you saying that my posts smack of a "holier-than-thou" attitude? Hmmm. Have you ever heard of a Trojan fan that says ... no, thinks that USC is "God's team"?

Dude, relax. I certainly don't think I'm holier than thou. LOL.