Saturday, December 02, 2006

USC “Rivalry” Game Day: Let's Make It Eight

Again, Pete Carroll insists that every game is a championship game. In other words, no game is more special or deserves more emphasis than another. All games require 100 percent effort. Unlike last week, I agree.

This “rivalry” used to be special, but since no one ... no one ... truly believes the other team can win -- as the grammatically challenged Nestor says: "we are not going accept nothing less than a victory" ... ? -- the word “special” shouldn’t come anywhere near the Rose Bowl today, unless we're talking about their "nation" on a proverbial short bus.

Certainly, USC Football has done its part, earning a national TV audience for the game by virtue of its No. 2 BCS ranking, while also spurring realism in the Midwest and more inferiority complex in the south. The other team … not so much. Their "nation" of idiots ... not at all.

Whatever. We win, we’re in. That’s all that matters.

Now, through the magic of YouTube we present a few moving images here to get us going. We’ve got highlights from the beginning of this victory streak, followed by more complete clips from the thrashing of 2003 and the pure domination of 2005.

Also thrown in (by way of The Wizard of Odds) is a projected preview of today’s Carroll-Dorrell post-game handshake, although we already know “Mr. Personality” lacks the comedic timing of Weis.

For all the Displaced Trojans who can’t be at the game in person, we have a little flavor from the band: a classic SoCal Spell Out / Conquest / Fight On medley in front of Heritage Hall, followed by everybody’s favorite (especially today), Tusk.

And, just for Beano, a clip of the USC Song Girls, recorded at this week’s pep rally.

Finally, as we’ve said all week* ...


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Anonymous said...

"You are SC!".....

But you also LOST.

Just kidding... I didn't mean to gloat.

But seriously... you lost!

- HouseBruin