Monday, December 04, 2006

Rose Bowl: I'll Take It

Less than 48 hours later, and the shock and disappointment are wearing off … I think. All is not lost … I suppose.

After all, if playing Michigan in the Rose Bowl following a 10-win regular season is the worst we can do -- during what was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year -- I’ll take it. (Props to my wife and kids for pulling me out of my post-game stupor yesterday.)

Many “experts” have told us it’s unrealistic to expect more. Even the Lispy One cut USC a break on ESPN, saying there is no way any team could maintain an emotional peak for four straight games, especially when USC destroyed ugla 66-19 the previous year. I tend to agree. Apparently, this “rivalry month,” as Dallas Sartz called it last week, caught up to us. Our supposed “lucky” schedule did us in.

Another “expert” (again, we use quotes to denote sarcasm) tells us that a lost relationship is to blame for our lost opportunity. If Scott Wolf of the Daily News is to be believed, Carroll’s presumably close friendship with DeWayne Walker, the bruin defensive coordinator who took Lane Kiffin to school (and put him in the corner with a dunce cap), is anything but.

Wolf says Walker, who was Carroll’s first outside hire when he became head coach at USC, was miffed after Carroll hired Nick Holt as the Trojans’ DC. Karl Dorrell, employing some “if you can’t beat ‘em, copy ‘em” strategy, subsequently made the most incredibly intelligent (or idiot savant) decision he’s probably ever made in his life and hired Walker.

If this jilted protégé stuff is true, the chip on Walker’s shoulder sounds like this:
I knew we would have to play the best game we've played to win, but their offense was predictable in some aspects, especially in the passing game. They're very talented but in some respects it's not too complicated. ... As far as I was concerned, it was me against Booty. If I could get into his head, we could win. It wasn't me against Pete Carroll, Steve Sarkisian or Lane Kiffin. It was me against Booty.
Of course, nothing could sound more grating than the indecent, sophomoric, not-ready-for-prime-time behavior coming from the bruin “nation.” I won’t call it “classless” because we’re tired of making that point, because they make the point for us, and because their reaction goes way beyond a lack of class. Here’s a sample:
FU*K Southern Cal
By Nestor Section: Diaries
Posted on Sat Dec 02, 2006 at 09:33:55 PM EST


Ding Dong Pom Pom, the "Humanitarian" is Dead. The Poodle is dead baby.

America's Team (at least for tonight) wins:
Fu*k Southern Cal.
Fu*k the Humanitarian er ... Pom Pom ... we mean the Poodle.
Fu*k Your Stupid Band.
Fu*k Your Stupid Song.
Fu*k Your Puke Colors.
Fu*k Your Bandwagon fans.
We fu*king own Los Angeles.

So just Go Fu*k yourselves and Go Jump Off the Fu*king Southern California piers from New Port Beach to Santa Monica.

Fu*k every single one of you motherf*cking TrOJans.

Nice. Let’s just file this away for posting on the locker room bulletin board next year, and for years to come. Keep in mind this was up without asterisks, until someone (surprisingly) thought the better of it. If that’s how their “true” fans behave, you have to wonder what their bandwagon fans would do … if they were worthy of bandwagon fans.

Yes, we must admit that the rivalry is back on the football field. But the dignity … not really.

So, this is what we get for all of the unprecedented success that is USC Football. A biased, anti-USC Lou Holtz telling us we’re human, Carroll’s apprentice coming back with a chip on his shoulder, a “nation” of idiots drooling f-words all over themselves … and the Rose Bowl as a consolation.

This is what we get for expecting more, for believing that we can “do this better than it’s ever been done before” as our man Carroll has said many times.

If this is as bad as it will ever get … I’ll take it.

Fight On! Beat the Wolverines!


SoCal Oski said...

I'll admit I am a bit of a junkie for checking out the reactions of others when it comes to supposedly important games. In the past that meant reading newspapers from the opposition (i.e. Stanfurd, CS, Fucla, U-Dub, etc), and in today's wonderful world it means checking blogs.

What I've noticed is pretty consistent: there is a fair amount of baiting and teasing between rivals (big and small), and a similar amount of gloating and moaning after the game. Usually it's within a reasonable level - I mean, when a team beats their rival the fans should do a little singing.

However, the reaction from Fuclans after their win is just out of control. I recall the reaction of Cal fans after ending the trees seven-win streak, and it was mainly jubliation at finally getting the win and relief at ending the misery. Sure, there was some taunting and name calling, but the extremes were limited to a few geeks. Ditto when SC finally ended Fucla's eight-win streak.

But the universal reaction by the baby bruins after this win is sickening, immature, revolting, and just ugly. It makes me embarrassed that they are part of the UC family. But then, I remember their incredible sense of inferiority at being the little sister to UC, one that had to steal their colors, mascot and song in order to try and create an identity, and I realize their behavior isn't unexpected.

Congratulations to the Ucla football team on a good win. But come on, baby bruin fans, show a little class.

Go Bears

Anonymous said...

SC's Offense got totally dominated by somebody wearing bitch-ass faggitty baby blue...I wonder what you call somebody who gets owned by such "pansies"..."Our bitches!" perhaps.

Anybody can make cardinal and gold look good, but only UCLA can get away with wearing Power Blue and look good doing it.

Ohh right, UCLA is only one of two (both public) universitied team from Los Angeles city...the rest are just in it!

So it's Michigan and the Trojans, and the Wolverines probably should be playing for the BCS since they only lost to Ohio St. by 3 that means SC should suffer it's THIRD loss in a ROW...and guess where those loses have taken place...that's right baby...OUR HOUSE...The Rose Bowl!!

What a great segway into the college basketball season...#1 on your ass bitches! Ohh that' right you got OJ effen Mayo, only cuzz the dumbass wanted to stay a "Trojan".

Displaced Trojan said...

socal oski,

It's amazing how much these people simply do not get it. In the midst of us calling them out for their "sickening, immature, revolting, and just ugly" behavior, it continues.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

There is a way to win and a way to lose. I think we have shown how to lose with dignity and decency. Winning is so foreign to that program that they don't know how to act.

It's a shame really, this can once a again be a great rivalry, for all that higher education you would think that they could string a full sentence together without all the vulgarity. I hope they don't kiss any children with those filthy mouths.

Am I disappointed about the BCS? You bet! I am I happy with the Rose Bowl? Absolutely!! We got close this year and we were there the previous two years so we know act: Like we have been there before.

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

The behavior of UCLA fans is ridiculous, but not uncommon and certainly expected. How many times have we heard them try to degrade and insult not only our teams, but our school. USC folks are focused on achieving greatness (and can get frustrated with ourselves when we have setbacks) while UCLA is stuck dishing out petty insults and tired old (on false) adages. I‘ve always been proud of the Trojan Family for its class, spirit, and focus on greatness – it’s a shame UCLA doesn’t have the same set of values.

Lou said...

When I attended SC in the 80's there were plays on the "F" word: i.e., Fucla. But now the word is spelled out in lots of UCLA T-shrts and is a chant for Bruins. Wooden & Guerrero have publicly tried to reign it in, but it continues. Perhaps its a manifestation of crudeness in society or just utter anger by the Uclans. Its a shame to have to take kids to a gane to expose them to that stuff.