Thursday, December 28, 2006

Emerald Bowl: End of the Aberration

Florida State 44, ugla 27. Not sure if this should make us feel better or worse about 13-9. At this point, probably neither.

Still, it was enjoyable to see ugla in a sorry “bowl game” played in a baseball stadium with empty seats all over … and both teams on the same sideline … with what looked like a set of 20-row bleachers behind them … and ESPN’s “C” team doing the telecast.

A perfect setting for a second-class football program.

The self-described “nation” is bound to tell itself that the embarrassing loss in a crappy bowl game makes 13-9 worthless. We know that’s not quite the case, but it’s nice to see the doubt back in ugla's eyes … and surely in the minds of top high school football players throughout Southern California.

Congrats to Lorenzo Booker.

The Rose Bowl, Baby!

Beat the Wolverines!

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Conquest Chronicles said...

Are you sure it was anaberration and not something akin to a UFO sighting?