Saturday, December 02, 2006

USC Post-Game: Credit Where It's Due

So, where is this rivalry? It's right here, apparently live and well.

As is our way, we give credit where credit is due: Congratulations to UCLA, in particular the Bruin defense under DeWayne Walker (a former USC assistant and Pete Carroll protégé, for crissakes!) and Pat Cowan, who did an excellent job managing the game for his team (see ya later "Southpaw Jesus").

If we can stomach it later, we'll examine a few things on the USC side of the ball, like the toss sweep on fourth down, nine penalties for 56 yards, the end of the Trojans' NCAA record for consecutive games scoring at least 20 points ... and of course, the re-emergence of the tipped pass, which effectively ended the game in both of USC's losses this season.

I'm sure we all have our different ways of dealing with things like this. I for one will let the shock sink in for a few hours, sitting motionless without blinking, while my wife points out all the good things about USC Football that remain. Hopefully, I'll be able to listen to her. Regardless, this wound is going to take a while to heal.

Fight On, Trojans!


Anonymous said...

A disappointing loss to be sure but things will continue to thrive under PC. There is some work to do and recruiting some good O linemen should be top priority.

Conquest Chronicles

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of the Texas game when Vince Young ran to the right time after time and each time it looked like a surprise to USC...same today, with USC running to the strong left side repeatedly and getting stuffed!!! The coaching staff never made it our of the locker room...UCLA came to play, USC came for the coronation...I am a graduate of both schools, so I guess it's not too bad...

cindy said...

Came out flat AGAIN at the Rose Bowl.

De Wayne Walker should be coach of the year, and Karl should kiss him as he probably saved his job.

PC and Co were outcoached. Toss sweep to the left side on forth down??

How many times this season has Kyle Williams been called for a false start?? I mean, come on!!

As badly as the offense executed all night, the defense kept them in the game, and they still had a chance to win.

Don't think that we have to worry about PC skipping to the NFL after all, at least not this year.

If you had told me this summer that the Trojans would repeat as Pac-10 champs, and would return to the Rose Bowl, I would have been thrilled, but somehow the thought of Pasadena is not as exciting at the moment.

Still, lots of very young talent, and hopefully some resolve to not let the bRuins do this again next year, not in our house!!

JAM said...

Anonymous: First of all, O-Linemen are always needed and they are recruited every year.

When you say SC needs to recruit "good" O linemen, I'm assuming you mean our line is not good. You shouldn't judge them on today's loss. They were not to form and they got whupped but don't forget we have two All Americans on that line and they have performed admirally all season with the exception of today. The loss was a team effort (and coaches) and every area had areas to improve on.

Kyle Williams getting called for three false starts, however, is pretty ridiculous. Unlike the rest of the line, he has been prone to get those penalties throughout the season.

Anonymous said...

ok, i'll clarify. we are obviouslt short on the O line if we have to have a Kyle Wright in there who has a history of false starts.

So I will restate my point. how a bout getting a commitment for some better lineman who are more dicsiplined. we have a lot of TB's in reserve but not a lot of OLmen. No line no time we saw that today.

you can't honestly think that the bruin defense was the best we've seen this year. We've played better and I won't accept the excuse of a rivalry getting in our way.

We more if not better O line recruits in the year to come.

Conquest Chronicles

Seth Weintraub said...

They outplayed us. They deserved to win. Their Defense was fast and they made great plays. Our offense was flay and uninspired and frankly the play calling was atrocious. Hats off to Dorrell and UCLA! Let the Rivalry live!

That being said, the interception was not a catch. If you look at it in a replay, its easy to see...a no brainer - the replay guy, if given the chance would have to concur. I know its not his way but Pete should have asked for a replay.

I have no idea why no one is talking about this. should be 4th and 3 at the 18 with over a minute left.

SoCal Oski said...

Condolences to all of you Trojans out there. From what I saw of the game (I was watching my boys in a piss-poor performance against the trees) it seemed as if there was more than a little arrogance oozing from the SC side. I know the DP likes to point out how PC keeps saying that the most important game is the current one, but the players didn't buy it yesterday.

From a (somewhat) netural observer's standpoint, the SC players and fans had already chalked this game in the Win column, and were clearly stunned that the baby bruins not only had the bad manners to try and win, but were actually winning!

Anyway, I need to relax after one of the most aggravating Big Game wins I've ever seen. There's not doubt we deserved the same fate as you - we were just lucky we were playing the trees. Hell, at least the Axe is still in Berkeley.

Best of luck in the Rose Bowl.

Go Bears!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Bruin Nation site recently? I have never felt prouder to be a Trojan than I am today.

usctrojan78 said...

I had the misfortune to be at the game (In really good seats that I magicly got from the USC ticket office, all the better to see the shame). I was at the game when this current streak began, and now I saw it end. From my perspective with the exception of the one drive the D played well, heck they contributed more than 20% of our points. That was the saddest offensive performance I have ever seen. Total garbage. I saw Hackett call better games. Booty can manage a game -- and nobody can put up better stats in a bad loss than JDB. What he lacks is the ability to step up, and do what needs to be done to get a win. If Matt Lienart's legacy is 4th and 9, Booty's will be a tipped pass.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a clip of Rey's hit on Cowan?

Displaced Trojan said...

Here's a clip of Rey's hit on Cowan, via Wizard of Odds. Dallas Sartz got in there, too.

cindy said...

Dear Displaced Trojan-

Did you really post on Scott Wolf's blog that Sanchez should be given 75% of the snaps in preparation for the Rose Bowl?

Displaced Trojan said...

No. I did not. Thanks for the heads up.

cindy said...

Just got off the phone with my brother who was at the game, unfortunately for him and his buddy Chris.

He said that all of the bRuin fans around him were telling him that they hoped the Trojans would win so that Dorrell would get fired.

Then, as the game progressed, the insanity began with finger pointing, and inane comments like, "Well, you only won 7 in a row, and we won 8," to which my brother replied, "Well, the Trojans won 2 national championships, and you didn't, what's the big deal??" And also," enjoy your bowl game." Well, who is playing in the much more prestigious bowl??

The 2 things that struck him were how well the defense played, and how the playcalling never changed. First down, 5 step drop, incomplete pass. Second down, run is stuffed, leaving 3rd and eight so many times. No adjustments, like quick slants, three step drops, draws, anything to make the defense think, and to slow their pass rush.

Anyway, on the the Rose Bowl. Hope the third time is the charm on Jan 1.

lostnacfgop said...

It wasn't by trick plays . . .no gadgets . . . just hard hitting, smart played ball . . . by them gutty-not-so-little-bruins!! Santa really DID show up early, miles of smiles in this end of the Golden State!!

Oh yeah, and of course y'all will smash Michigan. Every year they top the list of the overrated. Just tell Petey not to go 4 it on 4th down so much.