Wednesday, December 27, 2006

CSTV: USC vs Michigan "Battle of the Blogs"

CSTV asked this Displaced Trojan, along with several other USC blogs, to go head-to-head with our Michigan counterparts this week in a “Battle of the Blogs.”

Kyle from TrojanWire led off the festivities yesterday, taking on Michigan Against the World. The question: What makes your school’s fan base so special? Of course, in true TW style Kyle delivered a lesson in fun and sarcasm – while also dropping some knowledge – that couldn’t be matched.

The DT is up second for USC versus the Wolverines’ UMTailgate. Luckily for us, the question is loaded: What makes your school’s bowl tradition so special?

Admittedly, our style here is a little less "funny smartass" than the guys at TrojanWire, but no need for that here anyway. This one is no contest. Here’s an excerpt for the link-challenged …
When it comes to tradition in bowl games, very few schools compare to USC Football … and Michigan doesn't even come close.

The Trojans have appeared in 44 bowl games and are second only to Alabama in total bowl victories with 28 (the Crimson Tide have 30). USC's nine consecutive bowl wins (1923, '30, '32, '33, '39, '40, '44, '45 Rose Bowls, and the 1924 Christmas Festival) is second only to Florida State's streak of 11.

But when it comes to the "Granddaddy of Them All," USC is second to none. The Trojans have 30 total appearances and 21 victories in the Rose Bowl, by far more than any other school. Yes, Michigan has played in its share of Rose Bowls, but the Wolverines' record is a losing one (8-11), and the Trojans enjoy a 6-2 edge in Pasadena versus the maize and blue.
Check out CSTV for the whole Displaced take, as well as the UMTailgate side of the coin. We don’t know who’s up third, but good luck to both sides nonetheless.

Fight On! Beat the Wolverines!


CrazyTrojan said...

Did I detect hints of an inferiority complex in the first two Michigan write-ups? The second Michigan blogger spent almost half his words bashing USC instead of writing about Michigan. They seemed especially keen to trivialize USC's heritage, as if the decade prior to 2002 was the norm for USC rather than an anomaly, and USC had no fans before Palmer won the Heisman. I wouldn't have expected signs of an inferiority complex from Michigan fans, but maybe they are oversensitive about their own recent history.

Kenny said...

Yes, USC has great tradition but most people realize that this recent run is what brought numerous fans to USC. The Coliseum was barely half filled before Carroll came to town and even when he did there was trouble selling out games until last season. Every USC alum/fan I talked to when Carroll was hired thought it was a bad move at the time.

I was given tickets to USC-ND in 2000 and that was the weakest rivalry game atmosphere I had ever seen. Being from LA I know the bandwagon mentality that exists here. Growing up I did not see nearly as many USC stickers, banners, etc as there are now. There was more UCLA stuff when I was in high school because that's who was winning. I don't think any Michigan fan trivializes the tradition of USC, it's just in my case I can't stand the ridiculous amount of bandwagon fans that have popped up and try to talk trash when they have no idea about anything except Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

Conquest Chronicles said...

Fair points Kenny. There is a HUGE bandwagon mentality ou in LA. I grew up there also and went to games since the early 70's.

Without a pro team in the LA area fans will grab onto anything that is successful.

This is a tough town for college programs to compete in so when gets hot the fan base wants to live it up.