Thursday, January 04, 2007

USC Football: Video Says It All

Whether we’re on the internets, the ebays or the google we’ve all noted the majesty of video in the blogosphere. At no time was this more evident to us college football geeks than over these last few days of “Wedgygate” at the expense of the lovely USC Song Girls.

But the multimedia aspects of the Internet can also enhance and provide context for the written word as it is captured on blogs and in traditional newspapers. A case in point is Pete Carroll’s post-Rose Bowl comments about the importance of USC’s New Year’s Day win versus Michigan.

As we’ve seen and read, Carroll’s press conference statements are like streams of his consciousness, thick with run-on sentences and multiple thoughts within a single breath that can make it difficult to capture in written words the depth and meaning of what he says.

Reading three different newspaper accounts of his post-game presser, we see one of his statements quoted three different ways. Sure, each account records the essence of what Carroll says, but none do so with the emphasis and inflexion that captures his statements completely.

Video from NBC Sports on the other hand, does just that. You can see the relief, determination and pleasure in Carroll’s eyes as he rambles. You can see the energy and charisma that gets his players and recruits excited about the future of USC Football. You can fully understand what he is telling us. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

(For those video-challenged readers, here’s the transcript, which is the third best thing, audio being the second.):
"This is very important. You know, a young team wondering about what it feels like to be a great team and what that sense is. We’ve had that sense over the years at times, and when you feel that strong about your teammates and what we’re doing and the program, you’re really hard to beat. And we almost captured it. You know we almost had it this season. We didn’t quite get it done, and we missed our opportunity to take it all the way to the top. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all over with, you know. We won a Rose Bowl, had a great night, and did capture the feeling as we go into the off-season.

"The fact that we had our issue the last time we were here, our guys know that wasn’t us. That was the game out of the last 65 games that stood out because it was so unusual and so different, and we put it there for that reason and left it behind us. And charged on and started this, really, this is an opportunity – I don’t mind telling you – this was an opportunity to kick start what’s going on for this football team for the future, and I think we captured the night."
And, this exchange with a reporter:
“Pete you alluded to next season a little bit on the field. Is there any question where you’re going to be next season?”

“No. There’s no question. I have no question.”
No question. Video on the Internet is a wonderful thing.

Kind of like there was no question that our wonderful Song Girl "in question" is the lovely Megan. Although we already featured her yesterday, as did virtually every other college football blog, Beano tells me we have a tradition to uphold here.

So, true to this post and today being Thursday, we go to the video* …

Not sure what I like better … the free-form dancing or the standard not-quite-precisely-coordinated choreographed numbers. Then again, it doesn’t really matter.

*Hat Tip: The Wizard of Odds.


SoCal Oski said...

Off topic, I know, but tell me:

Is it wrong for me to feel happy after LSU pounded the Domers?

So, I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.

Go Bears.

Displaced Trojan said...

Not wrong at all, socal oski.

defender90 said...

Pete's not leaving... and that banshee-like howl you just heard is coming from Westwood.

Conquest Chronicles said...

It is always a good day when the Domers lose!