Thursday, January 11, 2007

USC Song Girls: The Afterglow

So, I guess we're back to the normal routine.

The stress and confusion of Pete Carroll's future has apparently subsided. All of our 2006 juniors are supposedly accounted for, and we're free now to turn our attention fully to the 2007 recruiting class.

Oh ... and now that the blogosphere is smoking its proverbial cigarette, after a few days of Song Girl insanity came to a climax last week -- although some bloggers are a little slow to the take -- we can return to our usual fare ...

Fight On!

ADD: In case you missed it among all the actual football coverage, Austin Murphy of SI spent some time with our lovely Song Girls for a Q&A that outlines their hectic New Year's Day schedule and other "interesting" details. Surely, if any of us had to wake up at 3:00 am to start curling our hair, before marching in the Rose Parade and fronting the USC Trojan Marching Band with dance routines for something like 10 straight hours, we'd end up with a wedgy at some point during the day, too. Thank goodness Megan could handle it all.

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