Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally ... 2006 Ends Tonight

Wait a minute … it’s still college football season?

With all the media hype anointing USC Football No. 1 for 2007, after the Trojans’ dismantling of Michigan in the Rose Bowl one week ago, it’s easy to forget that the 2006 season didn’t end on Jan. 1. It’s been an interesting week …

As predictable as the Sugar Bowl was – what with the “Irish” losing their record ninth straight bowl game – the GMAC and International “bowls” this weekend were not predictable at all … like a tree falling in the forest, how can we make a prediction about something no one saw, let alone cared about in the first place.

Perhaps we were distracted from this last part of the bowl season by our lovely Song Girls … that is, one in particular who had every blogger’s panties in a bunch, so to speak.

Maybe we’ve been pre-occupied trying to get our heads around Boise State … Boise State … playing David to Oklahoma’s Goliath in one of the most exciting and imaginative bowl games in recent memory.

It could be that USC fans have been anticipating another No. 1 recruiting class, with at least eight Trojan commits playing (and shining) in the high school U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday.

And even I know it’s possible that USC Basketball took our attention away from the bowl season? I hear the team is worth watching, even as we wait for this O.J. Mayo kid.

Of course, I can’t be sure about that, since again I don’t know jack about round ball. But, any time the basketball Trojans win two games, while historically tainted ugla is forced to explain away a loss, that’s got to be good, right?

Whatever. One game left, before USC Football can officially move on to 2007. As for me, I’m already there …

Fight On! Beat the Vandals!


Defender90 said...

Is it a game if only one team shows up? Yikes. Any way, it'll be interesting to see how the post-season polls wind up this week.

Displaced Trojan said...

Very good point.

SC at No. 2 would be nice, but No. 3 would be good, too.

It doesn't matter; it's all about 2007 at this point.