Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rose Bowl Twirl: Third Time's the Charm (Sorta)

Last week, the “twirl” was a day late. This week it’s a day early, for no other reason than the post-Rose Bowl blogosphere yesterday was awash in Song Girl lovin’ … actually it’s more like Song Girl objectifyin’, but either way …

As we mentioned earlier, USC’s last two appearances at the Rose Bowl were rather embarrassing for our darling Song Girls, and we were dreading a “three-peat.” But the third time was the charm: The Trojans came away with a meaningful victory in our “second home,” and there was no “double pompom over the head waving thing” (which we all like) happening at the wrong time.

And yet, lo and behold:

More importantly, our lovely Song Girls (one in particular) put a smile on the face of more than a few Michigan fans who didn’t have much to smile about following USC’s Rose Bowl win. And, if there are fans of college football who deserve a pick-me-up after a loss, it’s the Wolverines. I’ve now been to four USC-Michigan Rose Bowl games, and once again the maize and blue showed their knowledge, class and general respect for USC and the game.

Apparently, the sentiment is mutual:
Since I was at the game, I have a few things to add...

First off, all the credit in the world goes to USC. They won the game. Plain and simple. This wasn't about a call, a play or a bad bounce. This was a good old fashioned ass-whipping.

Also, SC fans were nothing but class. And, not surprisingly, they were loud, making the game sound like it was at the Coliseum at times.
And this from another Michigan fan: "USC fans... thanks for your hospitality. Great game... see you next year."

Now that’s what college football is supposed to be about. But, I digress …

One thing’s for sure: When our precious Song Girls twirl, college football bloggers pay attention. Some of them, maybe too much … like “Yost” and “Benny” at the MZone, who received props here last month for a particularly excellent production of “Song Girl: The Sequel.”

They were at it again yesterday, this time with some excellent (over)analysis:
Returning from the Rose Bowl, I was feeling pretty bad about the game...until we got emails […] with the picture of the USC Song Girl […] Needless to say, I smiled for the first time all day...and haven't stopped.

And the pic's the real deal. We checked.

Since Benny had the game on TiVo, he went to the 4:09 mark in the 2nd quarter to make sure the picture above was authentic and not Photoshopped. Because that's what we do, folks. We study (closely) the pictures of naked women so you can count on the MZone Seal of Authenticity.
Of course, sometime afterward the guys received an HD image of the shot, which showed our dear Song Girl was in fact wearing underwear, albeit tucked away thong-style, presumably after a Rockette-like kick.

This apparently ruined the fantasy (or supposed reality) for many a reader, not to mention Yost himself: “If that's what HD TV does -- spit on a man's fantasies - then I'd rather live in an analog world.”

The funny thing is our classy Song Girls not only wear their modest version of “tighty whiteys,” they also wear “nude” stockings, which surely ruin the mood even further. Somehow, a wedgy jammed between pantyhose just doesn’t have the same appeal, I suppose.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m just thankful that our beloved Song Girls kept themselves in line long enough to ensure a win for USC at the Rose Bowl.

Just three days in and 2007 is looking so good … especially in HD.

UPDATE: The "analysis" and "research" continues ...
NOTE: The Song Girl in question is definitely Megan.
ADD: Megan (left, top photo) and Alli were already identified as suspects here.

UPDATE II: Boi From Troy has the definitive answer:
An anonymous, but well-informed source writes us with the most convincing evidence:
It’s Megan….here’s how I know. Alison and Ali are first years so they wouldn’t be second in the ’step-off’ line that’s reserved for older members…kim and natalie (the two song girls behind the twirlers are the captains. Also I know know them all, and from the pics I know who it is…


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