Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Get ready for the 'East Coast Bias'

Make no mistake about it. There is an east coast bias among the national sports media. Part of this is really no one’s fault, since the epicenter of news media is and always will be in New York.

The fact is, the vast majority of the national managing editors, the news decision-makers, and many of the so-called experts are eastward. And, it’s only human to be influenced by regionalism. But, it’s still annoying to Trojan fans out east.

We see evidence of the “bias” every year, especially during the college football season. notre dame gets the hype from all the “subway fans” in New York -- which hasn’t had a major college football team to root for since … since … never.

Beano Cook predicts big things for the irish or some other team east of the Mississippi, while taking his sideways shots at USC by commenting on how much he loves our Song Girls.

And, as we’ve seen recently, some idiot like Michael Kay will talk and talk about how Pete Carroll was a lousy coach in the NFL, as if that means anything now.

The “bias” is sure to come out again this year. Just you watch …

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