Wednesday, February 07, 2007

USC Signing Day Update: McKnight is a Trojan

Depending on who you talk to Joe McKnight is the top-ranked running back in the nation. Catching him on video, he runs more like Adrian Peterson than Reggie Bush. Either way, there's no doubt he looks great in cardinal and gold.

Welcome to the Trojan Family, Joe.

Fight On!

UPDATE: Bring it on, Dan Wetzel ... you stinkin' Yahoo!
UPDATE II (2/9/07): I thought this sounded funny:

McKnight said he was not at all worried about the prospect that USC may be penalized because of an investigation of whether Reggie Bush or his parents took improper payments from agents while Bush was playing there.

McKnight said USC coach Pete Carroll set up a conference call so he and Curtis could talk to Bush and ease their worries that USC might wind up under sanctions.

Not good.



AO said...

This kid is going to be FUN to watch. Can't wait!

JoeMcKnightfanboy said...

Yes1 you are right, he is very exciting to watch. Last Rose Bowl he led his team to a sweep victory against the Fighting Illini. This kid has really much to show, very athletic and passionate with his game.

From a Joe Mcknight website.

We might have another Sophomore Heisman winner next year!